Why Outsource?

There is a rapid move towards the offshoring for small business. With a highly skilled workforce in the Philippines, the boom in cloud technology, and high wage costs in Australia, an offshore team is an effective solution.

High Wage Costs in Australia

Business owners are aware of difficult Australian salary levels – margins are strangled and it’s getting worse. Our company and the companies that work with us pay significantly less for a full time employee in the Philippines. Exactly the same output as their Australian equivalent at a fraction of the cost.

Shortage of Staff

For a number of years now, it’s been tough to attract quality staff. Even more so in regional areas. The businesses that set up an offshore team have no issues with staffing. They pay about a small recruitment fee and have many enthusiastic staff members wanting to work for them.

Price Pressure on Services

Some services are being commoditised. With the onset of cloud applications, there has been significant pressure on pricing. Your competition is no longer the business up the road – your competition is now coming from all corners of the globe.

Being Left Behind

There are many businesses coming to the Philippines now to set up their teams and support staff. This structure may not be for you, and that’s fine…but you will be left behind. Other businesses can, and will do the same work for half the price you charge now. What will your response be?

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